Ben Leggiero

Big Projects

  1. Ionic Files for macOS

    User-facing desktop file protection software for macOS

  2. ProPresenter

    Live video presentation and compositing software

  3. PVP 3

    Elegant and powerful video streaming software for statium-tier events

  4. NCR Silver

    Point-of-sale software supporting mobile payments, sales reporting, loyalty rewards, business management, and more

  5. The Columbus State University website

    Over 100 specialized sites in one modern, responsive design that maintains compatibility with IE 8 through the latest Chrome. CMS integration allows school employees to maintain their own sub-sites

Big Personal Projects

  1. This Website

    I wrote all the code and designed all the UI on this site from scratch, without templates.

  2. Rent-Split

    Calculates how to split rent fairly based on income

  3. Blue Husky Software Platform

    A platform of modular code and concepts upon which my personal sofware is written

  4. Pixel Art Resizer

    A simple macOS app which does a good job at resizing pixel art

Open-Source Con­tri­bu­tions

  1. Kotlin Collection Literals (Proposal)

    A proposal for how to implement collection literals in the Kotlin language

  2. Kotlin Error Handling (Proposal)

    A proposal for how to natively handle errors in the Kotlin language

  3. Slide Social Buttons

    A set of uniform social share buttons invented by Christopher Yee in 2013 and updated by myself in 2015

My Open-Source Projects